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See why people all over the world use BabbleBay every day

BabbleBay is a simple, easy-to-use cloud system, that takes communication to a new level. People and companies use it for effective project management and collaboration; safe and quick file sharing; rapid coordination of meetings or content; event planning or simply just conversing with friends and coworkers.

What makes BabbleBay so special?

It is so simple, it requires no instructions.
It is clear and compact/ concise, with all your conversations in one place.
It is attractive and fun to use.
It is accessible from any device.

Wondering what our users think of BabbleBay?

I was a sceptic at first. I thought, oh great, another one of those apps. But it was free so I tried it anyway. It blew my mind. I don't even use emails anymore!
I keep all my files in there. That way I can access them from anywhere and I don't even have to bring my computer with me.
I was so tired of wasting time trying to find that old document that someone sent me a couple of months ago. This is my favourite thing about BabbleBay. Nothing ever gets lost. It's all there, in one place, easy to find.
Our whole company is using BabbleBay. It is extraordinary how the team's productivity and efficiency increased. We all use it for project management, collaborating, file sharing, arranging meetings and communication with our clients.
I like it. It is fun to use! So I use it for work and personal communication.
I was never good with these systems and programs. It always took so much time to get used to them. But this is something else. It is so simple, I didn't need instructions and could use it straight away.
We had been searching a long time for a solution that could motivate our team and make project collaboration more enjoyable and supportive. Finally we have found it.
No emails + more time to focus on the content = BabbleBay. Since we have started to use it, our productivity has rocketed.